Developer Portal

3.2 Verify an Account

Payway provides the ability through the payment manager and by the Payway API(s) to verify a customer’s account for $0.00.  This feature validates the customer’s account without performing an AUTHORIZE or SALE for a non-zero amount.

Contact Payway customer support to determine if this feature is supported by your processor.  Additionally,  “AUTHORIZE” functionality must be enabled by Payway to perform a verify only transaction.

Payway users must be granted permission to perform SALE transactions by their company administrator to access the “AUTHORIZE” button in order to perform this function.

To process a verify, select the appropriate source and enter the credit card number and expiration date.  No other information is required; however, if the address and zip/postal code is entered, address verification results will get returned and are displayed in the Payway transaction report.

Enter $0.00 for the transaction amount.

Select the “AUTHORIZE” button.

Payway will process the verify request and present a confirmation page. Note the Type is “Verify” and the Status is “Verified.”  An authorization code will be generated to confirm success.  If the verify fails, the Result will be “Declined.”


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