QR Code Payments

QR code payments allow customers to scan, pay and go.

QR codes offer a quick & safe way for your customers to pay. QR code payments function like a normal Point of Sale (POS) terminal: a customer uses their phone to scan the QR code and completes the payment on the spot.

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How to Use a QR Code for Payment


  • Include a QR code on your billing statements. This way customers have the option to scan-to-pay immediately. In time, the convenience will turn your traditionally paper bill paying customers into online bill payers.


  • Print out a QR code, place it on an item and allow customers to scan and pay.
  • Post your QR code at your checkout counter. Instead of physically interacting with your POS terminal, customers simply scan your code.
  • If you’re offering curbside pickup or delivery, print out your QR code and attach it to packaging containing your customer’s items. Customers can scan the code at a safe distance to pay you.

Food Service/Restaurants

  • QR codes can be used to easily create touchless menu and payment options. Simply include a QR code on the receipt to provide that payment option.
  • If you offer takeout, print out your QR code and put it in your store window. Your customers point their smartphone camera at the code and are taken to a webpage where they enter the amount they owe and tap to finalize the payment.

Merchants should look for the right provider
If a merchant wants to offer QR code payments to its customers, it should be sure to partner with the right payment provider. Work with a provider that’s going to give you multiple payment options so you can in turn give your customers the option to pay how they prefer.

How to Use a QR Code for Payment

The Benefits of Accepting QR Code Payments

  • A QR code can be printed and placed anywhere: outside a shop, on a website or in an email. This means that customers don’t need to be anywhere near a merchant and can complete payments from a safe distance.
  • QR codes eliminate any need for cards or payment terminals – the only equipment necessary is a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • QR codes are actually more secure than card payments: all information is encrypted and customers don’t need to fill in details on a website.


The Benefits of Accepting QR Code Payments


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