Digital Wallets

Accept Payment Wallets on Your Site to Increase Profits

Payment wallet apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay make online and contactless payments easy. Use Payway to add digital wallets as a payment option to accept recurring payments and reduce decline rates.

Open your business to more payment types with digital wallets. These mobile apps allow customers to make secure purchases without having their cards. Credit and debit card numbers are kept safe in one encrypted app, so customers can choose their preferred payment method and make purchases quickly and safely.

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Why Accept Digital Wallet Payments?

In the 21st century, shopping habits have changed worldwide, with more people using digital payments and wallets. Now, 9 out of 10 Americans use some form of digital payment, and 62% use a digital wallet solution – and that number is growing fast!

In addition to popularity, there are several benefits of digital wallets:

Provide Choice

Customers can choose their payment method with added security from their digital wallet platform.

Easy Checkout

Offer more payment methods and streamline your checkout process to reduce barriers to purchase and expand your reach.

Offer Frictionless Payments

Let customers use their mobile devices to pay with their digital wallets – no card needed! You can also accept contactless payments from digital phone wallets if you have a physical location.

Simplify Integration

Payway makes integrating digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay easy for your team so you can start accepting more payment methods quickly.

Elevate Payment Security

While Payway is already a secure payment gateway for recurring payments, additional protection never hurts. Digital wallets tokenize data and protect sensitive information, adding an extra layer of safety and making them one of the most secure payment methods available.

Get Reliable Recurring Revenue

With new digital wallet protocols, you can protect your business’ profits and reduce failed subscription payments.

With popular options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, your customers can simply click or tap to pay, and with our pricing calculator, you’ll see how much you can save when you switch to Payway.

Apple Pay®

Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices customers use daily. With an Apple Pay integration, customers can make secure purchases through stores, apps, and the web.

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Google Pay®

Google Pay lets your customers pay using cards and alternative payment solutions with the press of a button.

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