Developer Portal

2 Accessing the Payway Payment Manager

Access the Payway Payment Manager at

Enter your permanent login credentials.

If your company has multiple divisions and you have access to each, a screen will be presented to select which division you would like to operate within.

If there is only one division under your company or if you only have permission for a single division, this screen will be bypassed and you will be presented with the Payment Manager dashboard.

The dashboard will indicate which company and division you are currently logged into.

If there are multiple divisions you can switch to the other divisions by selecting the “Division List” link.

To update your password, select the “My Account” link.

Enter your current password and the new password you wish to use and select “CHANGE.”

Payway will revert to the logon screen where you can enter your new credentials.



Per PCI guidelines, Payway has a ninety (90) day password retention policy. It is recommended that you update the password routinely. However, if the password life exceeds ninety (90) days, Payway will notify you that the password is expired and require you to change it. Note that you cannot use the same password until it has been changed at least four times.

If you have forgotten your password, the Company Administrator must reset your user account. Once reset, a temporary password will be emailed to you and your Company Administrator will provide you with a token code.


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