Developer Portal

2 Introduction

The Payway® User’s Guide is designed to assist users of the Payway® payment manager. The tool enables users to process payments and create accounts, research transactions, generate reports and upload file-based transactions for processing.

All users are created by your Company Administrator. The Company Administrator is the individual that assigns you access and permissions based on your company’s security access policy.

Once your account is created, you will receive a temporary logon and password by email. Your logon is determined by your Company Administrator. Although not required, it is highly recommended that it be set to your email address to avoid the possibility of duplicate user names. The Company Administrator provides you with a random activation code which is required as part of your initial authentication to the payment manager. You will then be prompted to create a permanent password. Note that the password must meet a minimum complexity requirement of at least seven characters and include a minimum of at least one alphanumeric character. Note that the password field is not case sensitive. Once the new password is created, you are required to log on with the new credentials.


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