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Payway is a secure and versatile software solution that helps card-not-present businesses simplify and accelerate transaction processing for improved cash flow and lowered costs.

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Decades of refinements, all with merchant needs and wants in mind.

A true payment processing solution should save time, money, and stress—so we designed Payway that way.

The Payway team built its user-friendly payment gateway solution to be responsive to the needs of merchants who operate a recurring payment business model, like the many publishing companies we have served since 1984. Truth be told, managing the subscription payment process for some of America’s most trusted companies during the rise of the Internet required that we get really smart, really fast — and you’ll be glad to know we haven’t slowed down yet.

Today, we’re more diligent than ever before because hackers are more resilient and unforgiving. We’ve taken our decades of practice in managing recurring payments and refined our methodology for current times. Nowadays, we still serve many large publishing houses, as well as other companies that might consider customers “subscribers,” such as streaming services, eCommerce businesses, cleaning services – any business that use recurring payments.


With Payway, you’ll know you’re getting a fair deal. Other payment service providers bundle their fees into one rate, fooling merchants who could be paying less. Although a single percentage seems straightforward and convenient, it allows dishonest providers to hide avoidable costs. Nothing makes us happier than uncovering these unnecessary charges during our free cost analysis.

Just like our credit card processing solution never stops, neither do our employees. This hard-working mindset has served us well since our start more than 30 years ago, and is the reason we enjoy corporate stability today.

Read a little more about Payway, including our company history, in this Payway Overview pdf.

The Payway team

The heart and brains behind our independent payment processing solution.

Daniel R. Nadeau

CEO and Founder

While Principal and Co-owner Daniel R. Nadeau manages all facets of Payway, he is most proud of his continual ability to stay ahead of the payment processing industry by producing the best-possible software enhancements and fixes — all sensitive to customer issues.

That makes a lot of sense since Dan holds a master’s degree in computer science from Northeastern University and originally joined the company in 1991 as a software engineer. When he’s not deep into software development and business planning, he always makes time for the Red Sox.

Kimberly Miller

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Operations

As Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Kimberly Miller brings to the table several decades of experience in marketing, selling software and self-service solutions to the industry.

During her career, Kim has created and executed strategic programs to bring new technology solutions to market; identified and developed markets for product expansion; led global digital transformations and refreshed brands.

James Brevik

Director of Customer Success

As his title reflects, James Brevik manages all aspects of support. A company veteran, with 20+ years under his belt, James began his Payway career in 1996 as a Support Engineer. Since that time, he has worked his way up through the ranks to the position he enjoys today. Like many of the Payway team members, James takes great pride when customers go out of their way to tell us how happy they are to be working with us—which for James is actually quite often. Outside of work, James is an amateur landscaper, and he is happily married.

Mary Caldiero

Director, Marketing and Sales Operations

As Director of Marketing and Sales Operations, Mary drives new customer growth and customer retention. She’s responsible for implementing processes, tools and technologies to support Sales and Marketing.

A data-driven marketing leader, Mary has more than 20 years of experience developing effective B2B digital marketing strategies, leading planning, implementation, optimization and reporting for marketing initiatives for B2B brands in the financial and technology sectors.

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