Amex Cardrefresher

Automatically Manage Amex Card Member Information

In addition to supporting Account Updater programs for Visa and MasterCard, American Express® (Amex) Cardrefresher℠ is now available as an additional means to protect against customer churn and card declines.

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Amex Cardrefresher keeps American Express Cards in a customer’s system up to date – sending updates to processors, who keep track of recurring billing and card-on-file data. Integrating Amex Cardrefresher will help businesses that depend on recurring revenue from experiencing disruptions in payment flow due to card expirations or updates. It allows businesses to get paid on time and prevents delays in fulfillment.

By automating the card refresh process, you can streamline cash flow management, reduce disruptions, build stronger vendor relationships, and enhance overall financial control. Consider integrating Amex CardRefresher into your financial toolkit to unlock these advantages and propel your business towards greater financial success.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Improved Cash Flow Management
  • Enhanced Financial Efficiency
  • Minimized Disruptions
  • Increased Vendor Confidence


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