Accepting ACH Transactions Has Never Been Easier

Still wrangling paper checks each month?

Reconciling and managing subscription payments each month is a time-consuming process.

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Why Use an ACH Payments Processor?

When you offer recurring ACH payments for your subscription-based products, you can help your customers transition to a hassle-free payment method while saving time and resources for your business.

Why Use an ACH Payments Processor?

Save On Transaction Fees

The biggest advantage of accepting ACH payments is cost. While credit card processing fees range from 1% to 4%, ACH transfers don’t utilize card networks. Instead, ACH transactions go through the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) network to request and transfer funds from your customers’ accounts into your merchant account.

Save On Transaction Fees

Capture More Customers

When you provide more payment options, you can serve more customers, including those who are reluctant to use credit or debit cards for recurring transactions.

ACH payments are appealing to customers for many reasons:

  • Since funds are withdrawn directly from an account, there is no debt or interest charges.
  • Funds are reliably transferred from your customers’ account each month without hassle or additional cost.
  • Bank account numbers change less than credit and debit card numbers, reducing their risk of service interruption.
Capture More Customers

Reduce Paperwork From Physical Checks

ACH payments effectively replace checks. Your customers get the same peace-of-mind that their subscription payments will be withdrawn directly from their chosen accounts without the hassle of sending a paper check each month. With ACH payments, your team can reduce paperwork and focus on providing excellent customer service.

Reduce Paperwork From Physical Checks

Why Choose Payway as Your ACH Payments Processor?

Transparent Pricing

We value transparency. With Payway, you’ll always know what you’re paying for each transaction.

Automated Workflows

Payway offers the most advanced management tools available for recurring ACH payments.

Elevate Security

We tokenize customer account information, so you stay in compliance and reduce risk.

Developer Resources

Leverage our developer resources to integrate and manage ACH payments within your gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ACH stand for?

Automated Clearing House.

What are ACH payments?

ACH payments are electronic fund transfers (EFTs) between bank accounts.

How do ACH payments work?

ACH payments move funds between bank accounts through NACHA that connects US banks and the Federal Reserve.

You, the business, send your bank account information along with your customers’ information to start a transaction. The network works with your bank and your customers’ banks to authorize the transaction and transfer funds. After authorization, funds are typically transferred in batches overnight.

How long do ACH payments take to process?

Depending on when the transaction is started and whether same-day processing has been requested, ACH transfers can take between one to two business days to complete.

Who accepts online ACH payments?

Any business can accept ACH payments. They are commonly used for recurring transactions for bills, subscriptions, and online purchases.

How is ACH different than a wire transfer?

While both are electronic fund transfers (EFTs), ACH and wire transfers are different.

ACH payments are used to transfer funds between United States banks. Because ACH payments are processed in batches, they are more cost effective, but can take up to two days to complete.

Wire transfers offer an immediate transfer of funds and can be used for both domestic and international transfers, but at a much higher cost.

How many ACH transactions can you accept a month?

There are no limits on how many ACH payments you can accept each month.

How much are ACH payment transaction fees?

The cost of ACH transactions differs between payment services. Contact Payway to find out how much your transactions will cost.


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