Customer Payment Recovery

We’ve included FlexCharge’s failed payment recovery in our payment solution so you can recover payments from customers.

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Payway and FlexFactor Work Together to Offer Customer Payment Recovery

Businesses can expect a 5%-15% revenue increase

Payment Failures = Abandoned Carts = Revenue Loss

More than 50% of customers abandon their shopping cart when they experience a payment failure. Given failed payments range from 5% to over 20% of digital payment transactions, these failures are a large source of revenue loss for businesses.

Our customer payment recovery solution reduces customer churn by saving failed payment transactions.


Transform Payment Declines into Positive Experiences and Recover Revenue

How can you recover payment from customers? When you use Payway’s payment solution with Flex Customer Payment Recovery,  you give your customers the ability to complete a purchase when their payment is declined. Instead of a payment failure message, customers  are presented with the option to complete the purchase and be charged at a later stage.

  • The solution works with any payment method chosen by your customer, such as credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Flex fulfills the payment at time of purchase and then collects it later from your customer without any fees or penalties.
  • Flex assumes all credit and fraud risk.
  • You’ll see a reduction in decline rates and payment failures.


Financial Impact of Customer Payment Recovery

With customer payment recovery, a large percentage of your failed payment transactions can be rescued. A larger percentage of payments being processed means increased revenue for you. We expect this solution to deliver up to a 15% revenue increase. 

How it Works

Your customer goes to checkout and selects the payment method.
The payment request is sent to Payway and to FlexFactor at the same time.


FlexFactor computes the service eligibility for the failed payment in real time. If eligible, customers receive a message asking if they'd like to retry the purchase now and be charged for it later.


Customers do not have to register for this service. They simply accept the payment terms and conditions and click on a payment button, just as they do now.

Payway and FlexFactor: We are your safety net for failed payment transactions

FlexFactor Customer Payment Recovery is included in Payway’s payment solution at no additional cost to your customer.


Contact us to learn more about our payment solution with Flex or feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our payment experts. We can provide a detailed estimate showing the financial impact of this solution on your business upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Merchant information is presented to the customers?

FlexFactor has a configurable soft descriptor. It will be the information you might normally show and then a FlexFactor identifier. For example: Acme Publishing Company submitted by FlexFactor.

What channels are used for collection?

FlexFactor retries the transaction based on our algorithm. If we can’t recover the transaction, we absorb the cost as we took on the risk of payment. At no time is the transaction sent to collections.

Will having FlexFactor process transactions interfere with our current merchant payment provider?

No. Most of the transactions will process as they do now, through your current merchant provider. In the instance of a decline, the transaction then routes to FlexFactor and if we accept the risk, we process it through our merchant account.

Why do I have to sign a contract with FlexFactor if I’m a Payway customer?

Flex Customer Payment Recovery is a third-party solution offered through Payway. You are entering into a contract for their specific services. As part of their solution, Flex uses their own merchant to process the declined transactions and they alone take on the risk and responsibility of recovery.

If a transaction is processed through Flex, will I know for end-of-day reconciliation if the charge has gone through?

If the transaction is routed through Flex and no retries are needed, then yes. If retries are needed, you would treat the situation as you do now.

Why is the solution only for recurring payments and not new starts?

Given most transactions Payway processes are recurring and subscription, Payway and FlexFactor worked on developing a solution for merchant-initiated transactions. We anticipate introducing FlexFactor Customer Payment Recovery for customer-initiated transactions first half fiscal year 2024.

Why does the subscription management company we use have to be involved? Can’t we just code direct to Payway?

Your subscription management company is your front-end system, managing all aspects of the customer life cycle. Payway integrates to that system, making payments a seamless experience for your customers. The two systems must work together for you to have full insight into your operations.


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