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Fast, Secure, and Streamlined: Accept the Google Pay® Payment Method on Your Site

Google Pay® is a convenient, secure digital wallet available across mobile devices. With Google Pay, your customers can make payments and set up subscriptions quickly and easily without needing their credit or debit cards.

It’s crucial for businesses to provide a variety of payment options so customers can complete their purchases quickly and easily. Google Pay is a streamlined and secure payment method for Android and iOS devices that allows businesses to accept more payment types from a single digital wallet. Google Pay also provides access to alternative payment methods—like PayPal and direct bank account connections—to give customers even more flexibility.

Enable Secure Transactions

Give your customers peace of mind. With Google Pay, your customers can make purchases without revealing sensitive card and account numbers.

Reduce Abandoned Sales

When customers can easily use various payment methods, they’re more likely to complete their purchase. You can expect boosted conversions and sales when you add Google Pay to your online checkout to expand your payment methods.

Get Reliable Revenue

Through the Google Pay payment method, your customers can select their preferred credit or debit card for recurring payments and can easily manage their subscriptions on the go.

Boost your revenue and decrease cart abandonment by integrating Google Pay into your payment gateway. With Payway’s simple integration to add Google Pay to your digital checkout, our comprehensive integration guide, and 24/7 concierge support to help you get set up, your business will accept a broader range of payment methods in no time.


Begin your journey to accepting Google Pay today! Contact our support team for help getting started.

Integrate Google Pay®


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