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Payway File Processing User Guide

Payway has added functionality that enables customers to process transactions through the Payway payment manager by uploading a transaction file. This can be useful for consolidating payments from different sources in cases where development to a real-time Payway API is not possible or is cost prohibitive.

File processing supports credit card and check processing**. Tokens created from the Payway payment manager or plain text credit card and check data can be submitted for processing.

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** Not supported in this release.

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5 Appendix C: Reply File Format

Reply files are provided as Payway reports. Select the “FILE REPORT” icon from the toolbar.  Reply files can be downloaded by name with a date/time range. The report file will contain all necessary import fields.

7 Appendix E: Testing

Payway® will make available a test site that can be used to validate the file upload process.  Your company administrator will be able to create a user that has privileges to create accounts and submit files. Please refer to “Process Operations” of this guide. All production Payway companies are duplicated in the Payway test environment.

Please provide Payway with

  • Existing Source Name(s) on production Payway where transactions are processed to. If a new source is required, Payway will create it in the test and production environment.  This source can be associated with an existing or new merchant ID.

The Payway customer support department will provide the following information

8 Appendix F: Error Codes

Error CodesDescription
102Configuration Error
103Invalid File
104Unexpected Header
105Invalid Field Format
106Invalid Source ID
107Invalid Amount
108Invalid Token
109Invalid Tax Amount
110Invalid ECI Type
111Invalid Request Name
112Invalid Delimiter
113Missing Delimiter
114Invalid Field Header
115Invalid Account Number
116Invalid Expiration Date


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