3D Secure for eCommerce

Get EMV 3D Secure from PAAY when Choosing Payway Payment Processing

Unlike traditional fraud prevention tools or chargeback mitigation companies, PAAY’s EMV 3D Secure – the most updated 3D Secure – provides merchants with a liability shift against fraudulent chargebacks. This means there are no disputes – the chargeback does not hit the merchant account.

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The Benefits of EMV 3D Secure

  • Chargeback liability shift off the merchant account, onto the issuing bank
  • Increases authorization rates
  • No false declines – All transactions go through as normal
  • Subscription merchants are protected on the first transaction and first re-bill
  • 100% Frictionless – Does not interrupt the customer experience at checkout
  • PSD2/SCA Compliance
  • Compliments other fraud tools


Case Study: e-Commerce company reduces chargeback ratio from 2.25% to .05%
The Benefits of EMV 3D Secure

What is EMV 3D Secure?

EMV 3D Secure is a globally accepted authentication solution designed to make eCommerce payment processing more secure in real-time by providing an additional layer of security.

It enables the exchange of data between the merchant, card issuer and when necessary, the cardholder to validate that the transaction is being initiated by the rightful owner of the account.

EMV 3D Secure sits between the shopping cart and the gateway; authenticating transactions in real time with absolutely no lag. Distinct from fraud prevention tools, suspicious transactions will not be declined. All transactions go through as normal. Everything happens in the background with no impact on the customer experience.

View the customer experience at checkout using EMV 3DS

What is EMV 3D Secure?

Integration is Simple, Secure and Seamless

Javascript SDK makes integration seamless. There is no interruption to the customer experience at checkout – everything happens in the background, in milliseconds.

  • JavaScript SDK makes integration simple
  • Receive full API access
  • Quickly & easily login to monitor transactions
  • Dedicated account manager & customer support

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Integration is Simple, Secure and Seamless

Frequently Asked Questions

How does EMV 3DS work?

  1. The cardholder visits an eCommerce site to make a purchase and enters credit card information.
  2. PAAY authentication happens in the background (in milliseconds) between the payment page and the gateway while the cardholder completes checkout.
  3. Transaction and authentication are complete and sent to processing.

How is EMV 3DS able to shift chargeback liability to the card issuer?

Operating on a payment network level, PAAY’s EMV 3DS solution authenticates cardholders for
e-commerce transactions at the point of interaction on the web. As a result, the chargeback
liability is shifted off the merchant account, and onto the card issuer.

Will my authorization rates increase?

Historically, authorization rates drop from 98% for in-person transactions to 84% for online purchases.
However, Visa and MasterCard report up to a 10% increase in authentication rates with EMV 3DS.


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