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Payway Admin Guide

The Payway Administrators User Guide is designed to help you manage security and permissions for users of the Payway Payment Manager at your company. The tool enables administrators to create users, assign permissions and reset passwords.

Security administration for Payway is similar to network security administration. Users of the Payway Payment Manager are assigned login names and passwords that identify them as authorized representatives for your company on the Payway system. Specific privileges can be assigned to users to define resources and functions.

All users, regardless of whether they are a Company Administrator or Regular User, are created by Payway with two-factor authentication. Once a new user is created, the Company Administrator generates an on-screen random activation code, which triggers a system-generated email to the new user with a temporary password. The new user will need to contact the current Company Administrator, who should provide the value in a secure manner. The user is required to enter both the temporary password and activation code to be authenticated to the Payway Payment Manager or payment administrator tool. The new user is then prompted to create a permanent password. Once the permanent password is created, the user is required to log on with the new credentials.

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6 User Reports

For auditing purposes, the Payway administrator tool has the ability to download a report in comma, tab or pipe delimited format that details all users and assigned privileges for the company.

Select “USER REPORT” from the toolbar.


Only a detailed report can be selected.  Choose the delimiter preference and select “DOWNLOAD.”

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