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This document is an overview of electronic payments, the Payway RESTful web service (PaywayWS ) intended for developers who wish to integrate their applications with PaywayWS.

We’re here to help with any questions and you can get free support by calling +1 800-457-9932 option 1, or by emailing [email protected] Sections of this document contain background information on how electronic payments work, the payment infrastructure, and the merchant side of the payment business.

If you have an understanding of payment processing and know what you want to accomplish, you may skip this guide entirely and go directly to our “Payway User Guide” to get started.

1 Related Documents

PaywayWS Credit Card Integration Guide

  • This guide contains the complete list of requests available for PaywayWS Credit Card related requests. PaywayWS is the RESTful web servicewith which you will be interacting for all Payway services.

PaywayWS ACH Integration Guide

  • This guide is the same as the PaywayWS Credit Card Integration Guide except that it covers requests related to direct debit transactions ( bank account debits and credits ) rather than credit cards. These are also referred to as ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions.

Payway Redirected Payment Form Integration Guide

  • To accept payments on the web or within a user application, you’ll need to redirect the cardholder data, also known as PAN data, to PaywayWS so your application does not manipulate any cardholder data. A java script is provided to you for sending redirected web payments to Payway. A redirected payment is done in three steps as described later in this document.

Payway Apple Pay Integration Guide

  • Apple Pay Integration follows the same pattern as redirected payments. The difference is you will use the Apple Pay™ java script that we provide.

Payway Google Pay Integration Guide

  • Google Pay Integration follows the same pattern as redirected payments. The difference is you will use the Google Pay™ java script that we provide.

Payway P2PE Secure Payment Integration Guide

  • P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) is a methodology for securing credit card data by encrypting it from the time a card is input through a secure device (by card swipe or manual account entry) until it reaches the payment processor where it is decrypted. Call centers are a good use case. They use P2PE to increase the security of card information and decrease certain auditing requirements.


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