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5 Background vs. Interactive Requests

Background Requests are requests that originate on your server directly to PaywayWS. Generally, these are recurring transactions where you already have a Payway account token. A common use case for background requests is to execute a batch of Payway account token-based recurring payments. It is possible to do a background request with full card data, but there are PCI validation ramifications to this.

Interactive requests are used when a web user is involved in processing a transaction, for example purchasing a good or service from your web site.  Interactive requests are always done in three steps, queue the request, send the request, and process the results. Requests are queued from your server. Then, when the user submits the payment on the browser, a java script is called to send the previously-queued request. The result code is then posted to your server for processing. Optionally you can query transaction details when the result code is returned. This pattern is followed for the implementation of Hosted Payment Entry, Hosted Account Entry, and all of the wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, etc.).

The following diagram shows the interactive (web) request pattern in general.


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