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13 Payway Result Codes (paywayCode field)

PAYWAY_WS_USER_NOT_FOUND5001The user was not found
PAYWAY_WS_PASSWORD_EXPIRED5002The user’s password is expired
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_PASSWORD5003The user’s password is invalid
PAYWAY_WS_PROHIBITED5004The user does not have permission to execute the request
PAYWAY_WS_NOT_LOGGED_ON5005The user is not logged on
PAYWAY_WS_USER_LOCKED_OUT5007Multiple log-on attempts have locked out this user for 30 minutes
PAYWAY_WS_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED5008New user whose account has not been activated
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_USER5009User has been marked invalid
PAYWAY_WS_AMOUNT_EXCEEDS_USER_CREDIT_LIMIT5010The user has a credit limit that is less than the amount of this credit
PAYWAY_WS_CASHBOX_NOT_FOUND5011The cashbox (merchant) for the current transaction was not found
PAYWAY_WS_TRANSACTION_DECLINED5012The transaction was declined. More information may be in the processor return code.
PAYWAY_WS_CARD_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED5014The merchant on Payway is not configured to allow this type of card as payment.
PAYWAY_WS_REVERSE_AUTH_FAILED5015The transaction was successfully voided; however, the authorization could not be cancelled.
PAYWAY_WS_PROCESSOR_ERROR5017An unexpected error from the processor was received. See the processor return code for more information.
PAYWAY_WS_NO_PROCESSOR_CONNECTION5018Payway cannot connect to the processor.
PAYWAY_WS_SOFT_DESCRIPTOR_NOT_AUTHORIZED5019The merchant account is not configured to send soft descriptors for payments.
PAYWAY_WS_DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION_NAME5020This transaction name already exists for the specified transaction source.
PAYWAY_WS_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND5022The specified source configuration is not found on Payway.
PAYWAY_WS_COMPANY_NOT_FOUND5023The company configuration on Payway is missing.
PAYWAY_WS_DIVISION_NOT_FOUND5024The division configuration on Payway is missing.
PAYWAY_WS_TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND5025The specified transaction was not found.
PAYWAY_WS_IN_PROGRESS_TRANSACTION5026This transaction has already been submitted and is being processed.
PAYWAY_WS_TRANSITION_ERROR5027An invalid operation on the transaction was attempted that implied an invalid state transition. The transaction is in the wrong state.
PAYWAY_WS_TOKEN_NOT_ALLOWED5028An account token is not allowed based in the account input type specified.
PAYWAY_WS_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND5029The specified account was not found.
PAYWAY_WS_ACCOUNT_NOT_ACTIVE5030This account was deactivated by an administrator or by the account updater.
PAYWAY_WS_ACCOUNT_CLOSED5031This account was marked closed by the account updater.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_TYPE5032The transaction type specified was invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_STATE5033The transaction state was invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION5034The transaction data is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NUMBER5035The account number failed to pass the LUHN algorithm and is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ADDRESS5036The address is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_EXPIRATION_DATE5037The expiration date is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_FRAUD_SECURITY_CODE5038The fraud security code is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_CARD_TYPE5039The card type is not one of the valid types.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_CITY5040The city name is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_FIRST_NAME5041The first name is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_LAST_NAME5042The last name is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_MIDDLE_NAME5043The middle name is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_STATE5044The state or province code is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ZIP5045The zip code or postal code is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_PHONE5046The phone number is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_EMAIL5047The email is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TOKEN5048The account token is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_AMOUNT5049The amount is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_PAYMENT_TYPE5050unknown error: 5050
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_SALES_TAX5051The sales tax amount is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_NAME5052The transaction name specified is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NOTES_15053The data in account notes 1 field is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NOTES_25054The data in account notes 2 field is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NOTES_35055The data in account notes 3 field is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ECI_TYPE5056The ECI type indicator is not one of the allowed choices.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_STATUS5057The transaction status is not valid when attempting an update.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ACCOUNT_TYPE5060The account type is not one of the allowed values.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_NOTES_15061The data in the transaction notes 1 field is not valid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_NOTES_25062The data in the transaction notes 1 field is not valid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_NOTES_35063The data in the transaction notes 1 field is not valid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_AUTH_CODE5064The auth code is invalid for the external authorization request.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_TRANSACTION_ID5065The transaction id specified is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ONLINE_PAYMENT_CRYPTOGRAM5066The online payment cryptogram for 3D secure account input is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_REQUEST5067Invalid request type specified.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_INPUT_MODE5068Invalid input mode was specified.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_REQUEST_TYPE5069Invalid request type was specified.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_REQUEST_ACCOUNT_MISSING5071Invalid request: account information is missing.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_REQUEST_TRANSACTION_MISSING5072Invalid request: transaction information is missing.
PAYWAY_WS_TRANSACTION_TOKEN_MISSING5073The required transaction token was not specified.
PAYWAY_WS_TRANSACTION_QUEUED_BY_OTHER_SESSION5074Transaction queued by other session.
PAYWAY_WS_JSON_EXCEPTION5076An exception was encountered when processing the JSON payload.
PAYWAY_WS_APPLE_PAY_DECRYPTION_ERROR5078The Apple Pay data could not be decrypted.
PAYWAY_WS_APPLE_PAY_INVALID_URL5079The Apple Pay merchant validation URL specified is invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_JSON5080The payload is not a valid JSON object.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_MEDIA_TYPE5081The media type specified is not valid.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_ROUTING_NUMBER5082Invalid bank routing number.
PAYWAY_WS_INVALID_REPLY5089The reply back from the credit card processor was invalid.
PAYWAY_WS_INTERNAL_ERROR6000Internal Payway error. Contact Payway for assistance.


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