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14 Processor Specific Result Codes

*Warning:  These result codes are dependent on the customer’s merchant configuration and are subject to change.


14.1 TSYS

Processor Code Text StringComment
00ApprovalApproved and completed.
01CallRefer to issuer.
02CallRefer to issuer—Special condition
03Term ID ErrorInvalid Merchant ID
04Hold-callPick up card (no fraud)
05DeclineDo not honor
06Error XXXXGeneral Error.
07Hold-callPick up card, special conditions (Fraud account)
10Partial ApprovalPartial approval for authorized amount.
12Invalid Transaction
13Amount ErrorInvalid Amount.
14Card No. ErrorInvalid card number.
15No such issuerNo such issuer of the credit card.
19Re ENTERRe-enter transaction.
39No Credit AcctNo Credit Account.
41Hold-callLost card, pick up card (fraud account).
43Hold-callPick up card, stolen card, pick up (fraud account).
51DeclineInsufficient funds.
54Expired cardExpired card—different than invalid expiration date.
57Service not allowedTransaction not permitted on card.
58Service not allowedService not allowed. Transaction not permitted—Terminal.
59Service not allowedService not allowed. Transaction not permitted—Merchant.
61DeclinedExceeds withdrawal limit.
62DeclinedInvalid service code, restricted.
63Sec ViolationSecurity violation.
65DeclinedActivity limit exceeded.
77No Action takenInconsistent data, reversed or repeat.
79Already ReversedAlready reversed at switch.
80No impactNo financial impact (used in responses for declined originals).
82Incorrect CVVCVV data not correct.
85Card OKNo reason to decline.
93Decline violationCannot complete.
94Duplicate TransUnable to locate, no match.
96System ErrorSystem malfunction.
CVFailure CVCard Type verification error.
ECCID format errorVerification error.
HVFailure HierarchyVerification error.
N4DeclineExceeds Issuer withdrawal limit.
N7CCV2 mismatchCVV2 value supplied is invalid.
R0Stop recurringCustomer requested stop of specific recurring transactions.

14.2 Fiserv (First Data) Merchant Services and Chase Paymentech

Processor CodeText StringComment
100ApprovedSuccessfully approved.
201Invalid Account NumberBad check digit, length, or other problem.
202Bad amountAmount sent was zero.
203Bad amountAmount sent was zero.
204Other ErrorUnidentifiable error.
205Bad total amountAmount sent was zero.
223Does not match MOPCredit card number does not match method of payment. (MOP)
253Invalid tran typeInvalid transaction type for this order.
302Credit floorInsufficient funds.
303Processor declineGeneric decline, no other reason given provided by the card issuer.
304Not on fileNon-existent account.
305Already reversedTransaction previously reversed.
402Default CallDecline.
501PickupCard stolen.
502Lost/StolenCard reported as lost or stolen.
503Security violationFraud security code does not match.
505Negative fileAccount on negative file list.
509Over the limitExceed withdrawal or activity limit.
510Over limit frequency countExceed withdrawal or activity count limit.
521Insufficient fundsInsufficient funds or over credit limit.
522Card is expiredCard has expired—not the same as invalid expiry date.
530Do not honorGeneric decline—no reason given by card issuer.
531CVV2 failureIssuer declined because CVV2 failed.
550Closed accountNew account issued.
570Stop paymentCardholder requests recurring payments be stopped.
571RevocationCardholder requests recurring payments be stopped.
591Bad account numberBad check digit or other problem.
594Other errorUnidentifiable error issuer generated.
596Suspected FraudIssuer has flagged this account as fraudulent.
605Bad expiration dateCard has expired.
606Invalid Transaction typeIssuer does not allow this type of transaction.
806RestraintCard has been restricted.
825No accountAccount does not exist.


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