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6.2 Processing

After submission, the file is validated so that it can be cleared for processing.  The submission request is returned after file validation is complete.

After <N> or more validation errors are encountered, file validation is halted and the errors are returned.   <N> is a Payway system configuration currently set at 10.

For each error encountered the following information is returned:

  1. line number of the file (actual line number).
  2. error class as described in previous section.
  3. details of error (which field, etc.)
  4. erroneous line contents if applicable.

If the file passes validation, a success message is returned and the file is accepted for processing. These requests are handled as individual atomic operations.  In other words, a file is completely validated and all the information required to process the file is stored. If any errors occur at any point during this process, then all of the information is deleted and the error information is returned.  This will allow easy re-processing of files.


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