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2.1 General Payment Terms

2.1.1 Gateway

A software service that provides a uniform interface for all electronic payment processing functions. PaywayWS is a payment gateway implemented as a RESTful web service.

2.1.2 Merchant

A business entity that processes electronic payments including credit cards and direct debits.

2.1.3 Merchant Account

A Merchant Account is not a bank account; it’s an account that allows a merchant to process credit card payments. Merchants must meet financial qualifications to acquire a Merchant Account.

2.1.4 Originator Account

An originator account is a bank account held by the merchant and used as a depository account for direct debit transactions (ACH).

2.1.5 Settlement

A batch process running usually at the end of the day that transfers funds between a merchant’s bank account and customers’ bank accounts. Settlement can be configured to run at different times for any merchant on PaywayWS to accommodate funding timing.

2.1.6 Authorization

An authorization is a hold on a credit card account for a specific amount. This is acquired by requesting an authorization from PaywayWS. This allows a merchant to be guaranteed payment before fulfilling an order.

2.1.7 Capture

Upon order completion a capture request is sent to cause PaywayWS to settle the funds in the next nightly batch.

2.1.8 Sale

For transactions that do not need later fulfillment ( i.e. a monthly digital subscription ), the authorize and capture requests can be combined into a sale request to PaywayWS. This is equal to an authorized followed by a capture.

2.1.9 Credit

This request moves funds from the merchant account to the customer’s account and is sometimes called a refund. No separate authorize / capture request is available for credits.

2.1.10 Void

This request cancels a transaction. Transactions can be voided if they are not already settled. For settled transactions a credit can be issued.

2.1.11 Recurring Transaction

Any transaction that uses an account previously used for a transaction. Recurring transactions use PaywayWS account tokens that refer to account information on PaywayWS. These tokens are created when new accounts are entered via payment redirection, a wallet transaction, or a P2PE transaction.

2.1.12 Card Not Present

Any transaction where the card holder is not physically present. This includes all transactions sent to PaywayWS.

2.1.13 Chargeback

Customers are allowed to dispute charges to their account. Chargebacks are managed outside the scope of a payment gateway.


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