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5 Getting Started

5.1 Payway Setup

In order to start using the examples below you will need an account on Payway’s server. If you are not already working with someone at Payway you can contact [email protected] or [email protected] to get your account creation started. Once you have your account you will be given temporary configuration information to use with the examples below. Your integration code will also use the same account and configuration information.


5.2 Using cURL

The samples below use the cURL tool. They can be cut and pasted into your comand line and will run correctly ( you will have to modify the logon information to use the logon account Payway provides to you ).

The cURL package is a widely used tool for executing requests to servers supporting the http protocol. Information and downloads are available here:

5.3 cURL Parameters

Payway WS accepts and produces JSON payloads. The standard arguments for the curl requests below are as follows:

curl -v  -X POST  -H  "Content-Type: application/json"  -H "Accept: 				application/json"<ENDPOINT>
POST is changed to GET for requests that read data from PaywayWS without changing the state of the data.  <ENDPOINT> depends on the ttype of request.



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