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2 Integration Methods

There are two ways to integrate Apple Pay transactions with Payway.

2.1 Using Payway Apple Pay JavaScript

Our JavaScript contains all the logic necessary to communicate with PaywayWS, decrypt Apple Pay payloads, and process payments. We take care of all the cryptography and certifications with Apple Pay. We provide you with a standard JavaScript which you can then modify to support your own payment sheet that is displayed to the user.

2.2 PaywayWS Apple Pay Cryptogram Requests

In some cases, our partners choose to implement their own Apple Pay integration. This requires managing of the Apple Pay merchants, processors, certificates, etc. In this mode you will send decrypted Apple Pay payloads directly to PaywayWS for processing. See the PaywayWS document for information on the ApplePayCryptogram account entry type. The remainder of this document describes the steps required to integrate with the Apple Pay JavaScript discussed in the previous section.


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