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3.1 Queue Transaction

Note: See PaywayWS Credit Card Integration Guide.pdf in the section titled “Interactive   Requests” for details on the queue transaction request.

Before loading a payment page to enable the user to enter card account information, you will send PaywayWS a request to queue a payment. This request returns a paywayTransactionToken that is sent to the browser and used to complete the payment. The transaction token is like a PaywayWS session token, except that it can be used only to interact with the queued transaction. This allows Payway to send to the browser the transaction token without concern for a Payway session being hijacked.

The queued payment includes the payment amount, source id, and payment type. Once this step is completed, your Payment Page can be presented. See the PaywayWS Credit Card Integration Guide and the sample application for more on sending the queue payment request.


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