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9 Interactive Requests

Payway supports secure web-based transactions for your applications.  Many payment methods are available for interactive transactions, including payment wallets, and hosted payment entry which redirects credit card data entry to PaywayWS and eliminates the need for your server to receive any sensitive credit card data.

To support these transactions PaywayWS provides the ability to queue transactions. This sets up the transaction on PaywayWS and returns to you a paywayRequestToken. This token is what is passed to the browser, and an associated java script is used to send the account information entered by the user plus the transactionToken to PaywayWS.

The paywayRequestToken can be used ONLY once and ONLY for the transaction previously queued from your server. The user has no ability to change amounts or other transaction attributes.

See the related documents section at the beginning of this document for more information on Hosted Payment Entry and various wallet payment methods offered by PaywayWS.

9.1 Queue Transaction

9.2 Send Queued Transaction

9.3 Get Redirected Transaction Results

9.4 Queue Add Account Request

9.5 Send Queued Add Account Request

9.6 Get Redirected Add Account Results


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