Developer Portal

4 Payway Hosted Pages

Payway can accommodate vendor specific hosted pages. Payway will make the necessary modifications to any hosted page that is required to use the P2PE service for those customers that P2PE enabled. Below are current hosted pages that reside on Payway.


Processing a Transaction

To enter a payment, fill out all the appropriate information into all the fields. Once complete, put the cursor focus into the “Encrypted Credit Card Number” field.

For manual entry, type the card number into the device and select <Enter>.

Enter the Expiration Date into the device in <MMYY> format and select <Enter>.

The IDTEch SREDkey will Display the main menu “Swipe Card or Key-in Card Number” and the hosted order payment page will display the masked account number in the Encrypted Credit Card Number field.

Select “OK” or “Submit” to proceed with the tokenization process on the hosted page screen.


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