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12.9 onGooglePaymentButtonClicked()

The payment data request is set up, and the payment is processed. Note that in processPayment, the PaywayWS request is created and sent to Payway.

The googlePayToken field is set to the encrypted Google Pay paymentData, and the paywayRequestToken is taken from the page. Other PaywayWS fields can be sent in this request, such as email.

PaywayWS JSON request: 
            accountInputMode : "googlePayToken",
            paywayRequestToken :  document.getElementById('paywayRequestToken').value,
            request : "sendQueuedTransaction",
            googlePayToken : paymentData ,
            cardAccount :
                accountNotes1: "notes1",
                accountNotes2: "notes2",
                accountNotes3: "notes3"



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