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Accept multiple payment types from your online business

If you manage an online business, the eCommerce payment process is critical to the overall shopping experience.
You can create a beautiful store, with great products but when it comes to submitting that “Make Payment” button, there is no room for error. With Payway PCI-compliant payment processing, you can:

• Offer a frictionless, secure payment experience
• Accept multiple credit card & digital wallet payment types
• Protect your business with fraud detection
• Get a lower cost per payment transaction due to cost-plus pricing

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Future Proof eCommerce Payments with EMV 3D Secure

EMV 3DS solution authenticates cardholders for eCommerce transactions at the point of interaction on the web. As a result, the chargeback liability is shifted off the merchant account, and onto the card issuer.

Chargeback Liability Shift

Say goodbye to disputes. Authenticated transactions receive a chargeback liability shift and go straight to the issuer.

Increase Authorization Rates

Historically, authorization rates drop from 98% for in-person transactions to 84% for online purchases. However, Visa and MasterCard report up to 10% increase in authorization rates with EMV 3DS.

PSD2 / SCA Compliance
By 2021, the EU’s Payment Service Directive (PSD2) will require merchants to implement strong customer authentication (SCA). We make compliance simple.

Future Proof eCommerce Payments with EMV 3D Secure


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