Privatus Care Solutions Reduce Costs While Growing

Privatus Care Solutions Reduce Costs While Growing

Privatus Care Solutions is a 13-year-old home healthcare organization that provides conciergelevel private care by a team of seasoned nurses and home health aids. The Northeast-based business is privately owned and its mission is to provide care for people whether they are handling a temporary situation or facing long term care needs such as private nursing, rehab at home, end of life care, medical escorts, medical live-in or support for dementia.

Privatus was growing so fast, that many of the company’s expenses were becoming unmanageable – with one of the largest line items on the balance sheet being credit card processing fees and expenses. Privatus initially reached out to Payway because Payway was recommended by one of Privatus’ other business partners. Payway was able to demonstrate exactly where Privatus could reduce its fees, and how simple it would be to switch over to Payway.

Privatus chose Payway for its merchant account services and payment gateway, and the solution went live on June 1, 2018. Payway’s support kicked in immediately when Privatus converted
over to the new company. Privatus needed assistance with some credits that arrived after it had changed over from its previous processor. Payway jumped right in to provide support and
connect with the processor to take care of the issue immediately.

“Payway is more than a provider,” said Barry Laidlaw, corporate controller, Privatus Care Solutions. “Payway is a true partner that provides a consultative approach.
They work with us to identify every possible savings opportunity. The transition process over to Payway has been seamless and fast – and that matters in this business.”

Privatus has all of the same features and functionality as it had with its previous provider, but at a much lower cost and with more personalized customer service. “The convenience of using Payway for both the gateway and merchant account helps us to simplify our internal processes and there is just one point of contact when we have questions or need help,” added Laidlaw.

“Payway has become a trusted advisor who took the time to work with us to understand the intricate fee structure of our merchant account. You don’t get that kind of high-level customer service anymore from vendors – but Payway is really different.” There are many key business benefits from working with Payway, but Laidlaw has been clear, “the savings are undeniable.”

“Payway is a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective partner,” Laidlaw said. “Payway’s industry expertise enables us to be confident that we are getting the best service at the best price. The peace of mind that brings is invaluable.”

Serving the greater Boston area since 2005, Privatus has built a reputation for excellence in private care based on exceptional service, value and attention to detail. With offices in Lexington, Beverly and Plymouth, and a team of caregivers and professionals that live throughout Eastern Massachusetts, we provide services to a wide geographic footprint encompassing Boston, the North Shore, Metro-West, and the South Shore.


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