Payway Announces Support for Apple Pay Merchant Tokens

Recurring revenue is not interrupted when users change their Apple Device

Danvers, MA – May 23, 2023 – Payway®, an integrated payment processing solution, announced today that it will support Apple Pay Merchant Tokens, a new feature that enables apps and websites to securely complete automatic or recurring payments independent of an Apple device.

Unlike Apple Pay Device Payment Account Numbers (DPAN), which are linked to an individual credit card or device, the Apple Pay Merchant Token is linked to a user’s merchant account. Because of this, Apple Pay Merchant Tokens enable continuity across multiple Apple devices, which is especially beneficial when someone upgrades to a new Apple device. If someone upgrades to a new device, their payment information will be managed through a merchant token and remain active when they remove a card from their old Apple device.

“Payway continues to provide the best payment processing solutions for merchants who operate a recurring payment business model and is only one of a few payment gateways to supply Apple Pay Merchant Tokens,” said Kimberly Miller, executive vice president of strategy and operations, Payway. “Our support for Apple Pay Merchant Tokens is another example of how we support recurring and interrupted revenue and subscription-based businesses.”

With Apple Pay Merchant Tokens, recurring revenue is not interrupted when someone removes a card from their device. It allows payment information to be maintained over time. By using merchant tokens, Apple Pay provides merchants with enhanced security, improved customer experience and seamless payments.


About Payway
Payway is a proven payment service provider that helps card-not-present and subscription businesses simplify and accelerate transaction processing leading to improved cash flow and significantly lowering the costs associated with accepting recurring payments.

Payway has decades of experience in managing card-not-present payments and provides their customers the most up-to-date security features. Payway built their user-friendly payment processing solution to be responsive to the needs of organizations who operate a recurring payment business model, like the many publishing and media companies they’ve served since 1984.

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