CNP Payments Are Prescription for Success During COVID-19

How many of you think about sterilizing your credit cards?

That would have been a weird question to ask a month ago. After all, you protect them from theft. You likely have credit fraud monitoring services. But, sterilize them? Not a preventative measure that likely crossed your mind as you went about your weekly grocery shopping, bought popcorn at the movies, or grabbed your prescription at the pharmacy.

A lot has changed in a month. We’re now more aware then ever of the number of touchpoints we come across all day long.

As COVID-19 has made its way across the globe, people’s daily routines have been upended. With the implementation of social distancing, businesses asking their employees to stay home, and people self-quarantining to reduce their risk of exposure, there’s been a spike in how consumers are buying and consuming all they need to keep themselves going through a global pandemic.

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