Payway History – Infographic

Payway has decades of experience in recurring payment processing and provides their customers the most up-to-date security features. Payway built their user-friendly payment processing gateway to be responsive to the needs of organizations who operate a recurring payment business model, like the many publishing and media companies they’ve served since 1984.


1984: Payway (formerly Edgil Associates) is founded by two high-tech innovators, Ed Hopey and Gil Wolsky.

1990: Payway’s first payment gateway, EdgCapture, is developed targeted to the needs of media companies.

1991: SelectNews, a statistical data mining tool, is launched, providing customized news feeds to media industry customers.

1995: Web Central is launched, making it possible for the media to generate revenue from ads.

2000-2005: Tokenization and payment gateway security features are added to Payway’s recurring payment gateway

2011: Daniel Nadeau and David Fabrizio purchase Edgil. Company branches out to new subscription-based markets.

2012: Company launches SOAP WebServices Description Language for API development

2017: Company rebrands as Payway to reflect its broader recurring payment processing offerings.

2018: Payway launches PaywayWS, providing developers a simpler way to create a cloud-based extensions.

2019:  PaywayWS is P2PE certified, providing a customers a means to reduce risk as well as PCI DSS Scope.

2020: Payway receives awards from CIOReview and CNP, including Most Promising Payment & Card Solution and Best Recurring Subscription Billing Solution.

Payway begins strategic channel program that includes Retail Solutions Providers Association and BlueStar Technology.

2021: Payway signs strategic partnership with PAAY.  Payway launches Developer Portal and Developer Sandbox.



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Mary Caldiero, Director of Performance Marketing

Mary Caldiero, Director of Performance Marketing

Mary Caldiero is Director of Performance Marketing at Payway. She is responsible for driving consistent, cost-effective new customer growth as well as creating marketing retention strategies.


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