Visa Interchange Fees

Below are some of the most common Visa interchange fees as of April 2021 from CreditDonkey. There are dozens of interchange fees (many of which aren’t listed here). The rates vary based on card type, transaction method, and type of business. Go here to see a complete list of Visa interchange fees.

Visa Debit CardSwipe Rate (card present)
Visa Debit (small bank)0.8% + 15¢
Visa Debit (big bank/regulated)0.05% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.15% + 15¢
Visa Debit CardKeyed Rate (card not present)
Visa Debit (small bank)1.65% + 15¢
Visa Debit (big bank/regulated)0.05% + 22¢
Visa Debit Prepaid1.75% + 20¢
Visa Credit CardSwipe Rate (card present)
Visa Credit Basic 1.51% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional1.65% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature2.30% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred2.1% + 10¢
Visa Business2.20% + 10¢
Visa Corporate2.50% + 10¢
Visa Credit CardKeyed Rate (card not present)
Visa Credit Basic1.80% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional1.95% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature2.70% + 10¢
Visa Rewards Signature Preferred2.40% + 10¢
Visa Business2.25% + 20¢
Visa Corporate2.70% + 10¢
Visa InternationalInterchange Rates
Visa International1.10%
Visa International Premium1.80%
Visa International Corporate2.00%
Visa International Keyed1.60%


*The credit card networks typically update their interchange fees two times a year, in April and in October.


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